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Business immigrants are the people who can invest or start businesses in Canada and expect to increase the nation’s growth with a thriving Canadian economy. However, if you want to come to Canada as a business immigrant, there are two classes where you can apply. Such as Start-up visa Program and Self-Employed Persons.

Canada offers many business programs for bringing experienced industry professionals to Canada to contribute to its growth and invest in its economy. Nowadays, the Canadian government accepts applications for a range of fast-tracked Business Immigration Programs from company managers, investors, and entrepreneurs, who wish to reside in Canada and explore new opportunities for the country. We will assist you in selecting the most appropriate program for you. Such as:

  • Federal Business Immigration Programs
  • Provincial Nominee Programs for Business
  • Quebec Business Immigration Programs

Canadian Immigration and Educational Group is one of the leading immigration consulting firms in the GTA. We can assist you in applying for a business visa and provide you fast. However, your application must be eligible for processing, and you should:

  • Meet the criteria of the language requirements.
  • Have adequate settlement funds.
  • Have a received support letter from a designated entity (venture capital fund/investor group/business incubator etc.)

Our professionals have been working as immigration consultations for many years and assist thousands of clients in business immigration. We will help you in the whole process with form fill-up, document submission to receive your visa. Our service charge is also very reasonable. Therefore, if you’re planning for a business in Canada, contact us today. We are here to help you.